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Camera Repairs

We offer repairs to both film and digital cameras. Because of the age of film cameras and the lack of parts from the manufacturers, we will give a NO COST estimate on all film camera repairs.

Digital cameras will be repaired in house providing the distributor will make parts available. Some companies will not sell parts or limit which parts they will sell to independent repair shops so it is best if you contact us or come in will you camera.

We will give you an initial estimate if we feel that repairs will be cost effective. We can also send you camera back to the distributor for you if you wish.

WE offer a WET cleaning of digital SLR cameras on an overnight basis for $40.00. We ask that you make sure your battery is fully charged and that there is a memory card in your camera. The card is so that we can take a sample shoot of our test target to prove your sensor is really clean.

Point and shoot cameras often come in with the lens damaged from a drop or fall. Often these cameras are cheaper to replace than to repair but we will examine your camera at no cost and give you our opinion.